About us

We are a media company

Bridal Magazine Group is a well-established media company in the bridal industry and our success lies in producing the content the bridal couples demand when they start their wedding planning. Our research shows that couples need both information and inspiration before making their decisions, which we continuously strive to deliver.

We have invested in a unique editorial office where our employees daily produce editorial content for use in all of our platforms. In the Nordic countries, we are the only company in the business who does this, which leads the bridal couples to our partners, you, when making their decisions during their wedding planning.

In edition to editorial texts giving inspiration and valuable information, the bridal couples also search for specific businesses within the wedding industry. As our partner we make sure that you are visible on the platforms used by the wedding couples when seeking information for their big day. Through this you will get real customers – not only likes in social media.

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